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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Zoos, Ducks, and Monster Trucks

Every time I sit down to write up our weekly update, I have to get out my calendar to see what we did over the course of the week.  I can never just remember.  Well, this week was special, because I looked at my calendar and I STILL couldn't remember what we did!  Yikes.  Either I'm getting really old, or this week was rather uneventful ;)  I think it's the latter.  Thank goodness for photographic records ;)

Before I post the weekly update, I will post Millie's recital piece from last weekend.  Buds phone froze up, so we didn't get the first two songs, but we got the last one (my favorite!).

Here's what we did:


Today we were supposed to have a play date, but it got rained out...again!  We used our gift of time to design a zoo!  It was harder than we were expecting (I should have known, since the grade range was 6-12).  The kids had fun with a slight variation of it, though.  I'm definitely going to keep it on hand to use in the future, when I teach geometry.  I think I'll get this version of Design a Zoo for younger kids (3rd-6th) and try again.


Today was playgroup day!  It was also a very late-start day for me.  I have been working extra late lately, and I didn't get to bed until closer to 4 AM.  My body has adjusted to a 3 AM bedtime now after 9 years, but even going to bed a half hour later throws me off.  Ick.  Millie ended up missing piano lessons because of my sleepiness.  Sad!  We made it to playgroup, through!  We went to Silverwood because the weather was kind of iffy.  The moms sat inside and drank coffee while the big girls played outside.  There were some cute baby ducks and other recent developments at the park that the girls had to check out.  Elise's friend wasn't there, so she sat with the teen boys and played video games.  It was pretty cute.


Today was my mommy's birthday, so we were going to go to the farm to celebrate with her, but my mom requested that I stay home and nap, because "even (my) voice sounds tired."  So, as a girl that always listens to her mama, I stayed home and napped. :)  The girls were inspired by their "design a zoo" assignment from Monday, and decided to make actual zoos out of supplies from around the house.  I love that they're being creative, having fun, and spending quality sister time together, but...oh, my poor living room!  Ha!


Today I slept in really late (again).  I really hope the super late nights end soon, they're ruining my days.  Booo.  At 2, I brought the girls to their grandmas house for a sleepover with Aunt Kinsey!  They watched a lot of Barbie Life in the Dream House, played with their neighbor friends, built a fort, stayed up LATE, and had a super fun time.  Since they were gone, I had the rest of the day to myself!!!  I used the time to finish up the website for the field trip club I'm starting.  It's pretty much done now, I just have to have a few people test it for bugs.


I didn't have to pick up the girls until afternoon, so Bud and I spent the morning walking around Downtown. It was so fun!  After lunch, we picked up the girls, and took them to see a monster truck at one of the local car dealerships.  Fun times :)

That pretty much sums it up!  Next week is our last week of school for the summer!  I can't believe it.  The year went by so fast.  I'm actually kind of sad to see it come to an end.  I loooove routine.  I have my summer schedule pretty much all worked out (except for a 3 day period in June).  It's going to be a good one :)

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